Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In the recent weeks

Look at me, already neglecting this blog! Ah well, life is busy for me anyhow.

Recently in the last two weeks i've done only a few things
  • Went to a lolita meetup
  • Went to a fun school event with lots of singing and fun
  • Went Christmas shopping for friends
  • Studied for my finals (which are this week)
  • Made some DIY items

Lolita Meetup:
Extremely awesome. It was my first time meeting up with my local lolita community! They were so nice and sweet and I had a lot of fun with them.
We went to a nearby park and went into its natural history museum, and there were lots of skeletons. I like me some skeletons.

Note: I am one of these girls. Not telling who, though.

School Talent Show:
I usually don't like talent shows because they're normally not very fun for me, but I had some friends in this one and they wanted me to go. It turns out this was actually a lot of fun and i would have been so bored that night if i hadn't of gone.

my friend in the white singing to grease. Pretty great

awesome band with awesome friends. They did an awesome job

As for the things I'm DIY-ing, they're for friends, so i probably won't put them up until i give them all their presents! I might do a tutorial on how I did them if anyone likes how they look.

Time to study for my English and History finals tomorrow! wish me luck~