Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Goodness

More like maddness. Today I was able to crawl out of my house and enjoy shopping for clothes at an outlet mall (outlet malls are the best since they have lots of cheap things, and they're even cheaper on black friday!)
The mall had tons of people, it looked like a wild pack of hyenas ran through each store, and some of the more popular stores had lines as long as the ones you would see people stand in to get autographs at a convention (and trust me, those are huge). It took us around 10 minutes for my grandfather (i live with my grandfather, the more you know!) to find parking, and we ended up parking across the street.

Overall, the shopping experience was okay. Here's some clothes I bought:

Dress, cardigan, etc. from Charlotte Russe

Shirts from hot topic

I really love that dress. It's super soft and looks nice on me, which was surprising because dresses don't normally fit me right. I really like the color mustard and the cardigan and leggings were cheap so i said "why not?". The t-shirts at hot topic were only 10 dollars, and I've been wanting both of those shirts for a while. Hell yeah, kyubey and adventure time!

I put together a look with my stuff from charlotte russe to see how they looked together:

The only things i don't own in this photo are the brown oxfords and the lacy black socks. I've been wanting both items for a while and i'll probably splurge and get them around christmas time.

I also bought a little twin stars backpack from sanrio and some nice smelling things from bath and bodyworks:

I really needed a cute backpack for when i wear lolita/fairy kei, so the little twin stars bag was a must have. I have a couple of other bags for lolita and fairy kei, but none of them have as much room as the backpack has.
and I just really like bath and bodyworks, It's a really awesome store and it smells good. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Welcome to the world, blogger.

Hello blog, welcome to the internet!
I'm going to be using this blog for more personal things, whereas my tumblr will be mostly used for inspiration and artwork that pops up on my dash. (I'll still be updating my artblog though; i need to draw more!)
this blog will mostly consist of;
-reviews on many different things
-my ranting
 Make way internet, here I come.